Hands-Free Bag Holder - Stone w/ Khaki Trim

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IT'S NO YOKE® is a lightweight, small, easily packable, hands-free accessory that rests bilaterally across the midpoint of the upper back (not the neck) to improve how you carry two or more bags.

INY® is thoughtfully designed to assume the shape and contour of the user's upper back/shoulders with durable materials,  soft against the skin. Made in the USA.

Base: 100% cotton with polyester batting fill; Channel: 100% Polypropylene.

Length: 16”; Width: 4"; Height: ½"; Weight: 3 ounces

Customer Reviews

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I like the concept

I have mixed feelings about this product. I like the company partnered with Nite Ize. The product does have a weight limit of 7.5 pounds for each side which I was unaware of when I purchased the product. For many people that's roughly a gallon of milk or water. We shall see how it lasts as far as durability goes

Martha H., Northern Ireland

“My Yoke is fantastic! The design is so simple, neat and discreet. It is extremely useful when popping to the shops; hands free I can browse and select things with great ease. On trips I can purchase tickets, get through barriers without the hassle of putting down my bags to rummage for my purse or phone.”

Anne U., Birmingham, UK
Airport Must-Have!

“Thank you very very much for the ‘It’s No Yoke’ invention. I put it on at the airport where it was very useful going between the check out, departure lounge, and the aeroplane so it has had its first outing.”

Jillian K., Brooklyn, NY
Heaven-Sent Solution

“IT’S NO YOKE® is a heaven-sent solution for the New Yorker on the go. Being mindful of the weight distribution on my back is very important to me. Thank you, IT’S NO YOKE® for creating a product that helps alleviate body stress.”

Dana O., New York, NY

I travel constantly, so I was thrilled to add IT’S NO YOKE® to my “must-have” list. It is easily packable unfolds quickly to place on my upper back when I want to balance my shoulder bags and be handsfree to push my spinner luggage, talk on the phone or drink coffee when I am on the go.