• Kathleen, the founder and creator of It's No Yoke and the HEY.

Greetings, and thank you for taking the time to visit and learn about my invention.

I am 75 years old now and over the years, I have had the opportunity to function in several professional settings, including special education and spiritual health care. I have maintained a practice as a New York State licensed massage therapist for over twenty-five years. During the pandemic, my practice is on hold.

The combination of living in, and working in New York City as a massage therapist, is the inspiration for my invention. Permit me to explain:

I was employed, for nearly a decade, at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, treating patients recovering from cardiothoracic surgery. I primarily utilized CranioSacral Techniques, which require full attention to my hands, where touch receptors on the skin send signals alerting me to the person's needs. Remaining attentive to these signals was especially helpful while treating patients who were still in the ICU unit. I also made house calls in Manhattan, mostly relying on the bus and subway system.

Protecting my hands was paramount, as was mindfulness to my overall posture. I found that pulling a wheelie bag or continually adjusting the straps on my two shoulder bags compromised my stance. I was either torquing my spinal column or bending it with the 'shoulder hike' look. I did not want to be torqued or tilted, I wanted to be upright, balanced and hands-free.

This need to balance my bags was the impetus to create IT'S NO YOKE®. Initially, I constructed a simple device to help myself and then realized that this specific need was not unique to me: others shared the demand for convenience while carrying two or more bags. I decided to perfect my prototype and bring this effective and comfortable solution to the market.

In keeping with my choice to maintain a low, quiet profile, I selected fabrics and stabilizing features that were subtle, strong, quiet, and out of the way when not needed. After all, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." – Leonardo da Vinci.

The goal of my product is to keep you centered during your urban expedition. INY® helps to keep the bag straps stable on your shoulders so that you can keep your hands free and bags in place. Additionally INY® will help you balance your bags, keeping you more mindful of standing erect and feeling evenly balanced and grounded.

One final note during this COVID-19 era as many of you are working from home or sheltering in place. Please know that I am doing the same and also spending less time shopping in stores. When I go out to the market, INY® has helped me avoid contact with public surfaces: I do not have to put my handbag on the counter to reach my wallet because I can open and retrieve it without removing my bag from my shoulder.

I hope you find IT'S NO YOKE® a steady ally to your urban setting and travel needs.

Keep well,
Kathleen T. Ullmann