This innovative, patented solution will help you comfortably balance your bags on each shoulder and enable you to be hands free as you navigate the urban environment. It is thin, lightweight and portable. The quilted cloth base will be gentle on skin and apparel. The flexible pole, which runs through the channel atop the base, is strong enough to secure your bags while eliminating strap slippage and adjusting.

INY® neatly folds so it can be tucked away until you need it to improve your journey.



  • STEP 1

    Place the device across your upper back in-between each shoulder, face-up with the more curved edge up towards your head ⬆︎ and the longer, straighter edge down toward your feet ⬇︎.  INY® should always be on your shoulders and never on your neck.

  • STEP 2

    Slip your arm through the bag straps, as you typically do, and place the straps on the flexible pole, wherever it feels comfortable. 

  • STEP 3

    Bend the end of the pole over the straps to secure the bag. Repeat on the other side for the second bag and any additional bags.

  • STEP 4

    The contoured quilted base will begin to shape around your upper back and curve toward your collarbone. Adjust for optimum comfort.


    The bags will then hang between the sides of your body and your arms, as demonstrated in the photos.

  • ✅ Shoulders

  • ❌ Neck



What is INY®?

Our patented product is a hands-free solution for pedestrians and commuters who carry several bags. INY® enables balance in an urban environment.

What will the INY® do for me?

• It will keep your bags from slipping off your shoulders, free your hands to hold other things, and help you stand up with your shoulders level and balanced.
• INY® disperses the bag weight across your shoulders and sends that weight downward, through your body, into your feet and into the ground.
• INY® allows your bags to tuck comfortably under your arms, close to your body while taking very little extra space, which is especially helpful on public transport.
• INY® positions your bags by your side so you can easily reach in to retrieve items without having to remove the bag from your shoulder. Additionally you will have control and a better view of your bags which provides an added security level.

Why is it called IT'S NO YOKE®?

In ancient times, and even now in some parts of the world, people use a pole placed across their back and put items on each end of the pole to make carrying easier. The Merriman-Webster dictionary defines a yoke as "a frame fitted to a person's shoulders to carry a load in two equal portions." Kathleen Ullmann, the creator of INY®, modified this efficient but cumbersome product. Our product helps you feel less burdened because there is no need to use your hands to hold or adjust bags. By distributing the weight on both shoulders, you will feel more centered leading to a sense of liberation as you trudge the urban terrain.

Why should I use INY®?

An active city-dweller created this innovative product to improve commuting and shopping for urbanites. Our customers span a broad demographic and use INY® in various ways when traveling by foot, on public transportation, in airports, and while shopping. The main benefit is to have a comfortable, hands-free experience when carrying two or more bags.

How much weight will INY® support?

To ensure the safety and quality of this product, Kathleen Ullmann’s company, The Point of Health, Inc. engaged the services of an independent testing laboratory before offering it to the marketplace. Such testing included vigorous static load testing of IT’S NO YOKE® and enables us to indicate that each end of the flexible pole can bear a load of 7.5 lbs. For optimum use, distribute weight as evenly as possible.

What size is INY®?

The product is a little longer than a ruler and is as thin as a slice of bread: 16" long, 4" wide, and ½" high. When folded, it easily fits in your bag. INY® weighs just under 3 ounces.

How many bags can I use on INY®?

You need at least one bag on each shoulder in order to stabilize the yoke across your shoulders. It is intended for use with two (or more) bags.

Can I use any bag with INY®?

INY® works best with bag straps that fit over your arm onto your shoulder as it will keep straps anchored there. Our newest product is a Handle Extender for the Yoke, HEY. It is an accessory to convert short-handled bags into longer-length handles when using INY®.

How long will INY® last?

We carefully chose materials for the base and channel that are durable and easy to clean. The 100% cotton fabric base is strong and easily hand washable. After extensive use, you will need to replace the flexible pole, which is easily accessible online and in stores.

How does shipping work?

Shipping via USPS in the contiguous USA is free. Click on the SHIPPING POLICY in the footer for more information

What is the HEY?

HEY is a Handle Extender for the Yoke. This accessory converts short-handled bags into longer-length handles when using INY®. When wearing INY® and using bags with short handles, use the HEY. If your bags have long handles, you do not need the HEY.


IT’S NO YOKE® is proudly designed, assembled and manufactured in the USA of imported and domestic materials. The flexible pole within the IT’S NO YOKE® product is a Gear Tie® designed and engineered by Nite Ize, Inc. in Boulder, CO USA. Patent and Trademark Information at Niteize.com/IP.  The distinctive shapes, styles, configuration and overall appearance of all Nite Ize products are trademarks of Nite Ize, Inc.The Point of Health, Inc. uses environmentally sustainable material in the manufacture, packaging, and shipping of IT’S NO YOKE® whenever possible.